26 September 2014 at Hotel de Rome/Berlin

2nd BEOS Forum 'Thinking Ahead'

The second BEOS Forum in September 2014 revolved around mixed-use industrial real estate for Industry 4.0. Around 120 invited guests – BEOS investors and partners – attended the presentations and discussions about the challenges that companies in Germany face due to the Internet’s increasing impact on business processes and industrial production.

The invited experts demonstrated that companies operate and plan differently today and therefore have to constantly ‘reinvent’ their space requirements. Owners of mixed-use industrial real estate that can meet the changing needs of their tenants will have a clear market advantage in future. Instead of rigid investment cycles and huge industrial complexes, flexibility and functional variability are now in demand (in Europe).

The presentations showed that landlords can influence many mobility factors through asset management and property redevelopment – and that these requirements are by no means impossible to solve.