4th BEOS Forum 'Thinking Ahead'
21 September 2018 at ewerk Berlin

“Dimensions of Density – Getting the Most out of the Spaces we Use” was the overarching theme of the 4th BEOS FORUM, held at Berlin’s ewerk on 21 September 2018. Roughly 130 specially invited guests attended the latest iteration of the BEOS FORUM, which was launched six years ago as a platform for meaningful and fruitful discussions.

The event started by exploring the practicalities of colonising Mars and the challenges faced by humanity in outer space – a future that mankind will only be able to master with state-of-the-art technologies. Closer to the here and now, the digital revolution is already having a massive impact: new production methods, including 3D printing, are already allowing global production and supply chains to become significantly leaner. And, thanks in part to China’s mammoth New Silk Road project, this process will only accelerate. The BEOS FORUM also showcased the potential of underground transport networks to relieve existing urban infrastructure, as well as assessing the benefits of new urban development approaches, such as building upwards. Providers of space, in particular, will need to strike the right balance between anticipating future uses and at the same time remaining flexible enough to embrace tomorrow’s innovations. Success in the corporate real estate sector will depend on a company’s ability to implement intelligent post-densification measures and seize the opportunities of the new world of Construction 4.0, which was showcased at the end of the event.