Revitalisation and Refurbishment

Modernising rather than Razing.

The capital-preserving redevelopment and conversion of brownfield buildings are part of BEOS’ core business. We have repositioned more than 50 projects, creating new use options and helping new companies relocate to well-established sites. We consider the responsible use of resources our contribution to sustainability. Our wealth of experience includes compliance with building conservation requirements or technically aspirational conversions to alternative use types and the safe handling of subsoil contamination.

At the beginning of each revitalization process, the search for potential areas is underway. We create feasibility analyzes and look for new tenants. Their operational processes and the cost of keeping an eye on the market, we are reintroducing the former industrial areas into new uses. In order to create a varied tenant structure on the revitalized areas, we promote campus education. An example of this is Cologne's Carlswerk.