Investing with BEOS AG

It´s not all about Location, location, location!

Not only tenants benefit from our mixed-use industrial real estate – Investors profit, too.

Mixed-use industrial real estate is a fast-growing and robust segment in the German investment market. And yet it has not been considered, or not sufficiently considered, in the portfolios of most institutional investors – even though the risk-reward profile here is usually much more attractive than with ‘traditional’ investments like office towers.

As the foremost provider and market leader in mixed-use industrial real estate in Germany, BEOS AG introduced a special fund for mixed-use industrial real estate with a volume of today around €470 million in August 2010 – the BEOS Corporate Real Estate Fund Germany I.

In December 2012, the second special fund launched with a total volume today of around €720 million – the BEOS Corporate Real Estate Fund Germany II.

In September 2015, the BEOS Corporate Real Estate Fund Germany III was issued. With committed equity of €627.5 million, it has a potential investment volume of close to €1.1 billion. In the meantime, about half of the funds available are invested.

All of BEOS’ special funds are administered by the INTREAL, a Service KVG.